About Us

Desirably Yours specialises in the production of handmade chocolate, cupcakes and sweet pastries. Chocolates can be paired with classic fillings such as caramel and toffee to the more extravagant flavours of lavender and chilli. Explore our gourmet chocolate with a special customizable box with all your favourite chocolates, suitable for any occasion! Desirably Yours also produce seasonal and limited edition chocolates with special packaging for all major holidays.

What’s special about our chocolate? We take pride in providing customers with a good quality product, making sure we buy some of the best ingredients so that the chocolate is up to standard.

Our main goal is to cater to people’s varying tastes so we have a variety of chocolates with different fillings available and we are constantly coming up with new products and flavours. Handmade in Malta in small batches and made from premium chocolates, our chocolate delicacies are true works of edible art as it is of utmost importance for the client to be satisfied with the final product.